Building for the Future

“Hope for Our Future ~ Rooted in Our Past!”

Memorial stones to be in placed in piazza in front of church.
Attached is the order form.

Mail the order form with payment to:
St. Stanislaus Church P.O. Box 794 Rossville, KS 66533 or put in offertory collection.
All orders must be received by June 30, 2012 to be ready for opening. Your purchase is completely tax deductible. For multiple orders please copy and complete the form. One form must be submitted for each individual brick.



Our current Church has structural problems that require major and expensive repairs.  To build for the future, we are planning a new worship space for 400 and much needed accommodations for liturgical celebrations such as Advent, Christmas, liturgical celebrations such as Advent, Christmas, Easter, First Holy Communion, Confirmation and other Sacraments including weddings and funerals.  Our capital campaign goal is $500,000 which represents 25% of the total church building cost. 

Drawings shown below are preliminary and conceptual.  Final design may differ from images shown.

If you would like to give to St. Stanislaus "Building for the Future: Phase II", you have an opportunity to share the blessings God has bestowed. It is a challenge to examine your faith and a chance to do something that reflects your love of God and each other.  We ask you to prayerfully consider your pledge.  A goal of this magnitude cannot be reached without sacrifice.  As others have sacrificed before, so we too are called to make a sacrifice for present and future generations.  

We suggest a three-year pledge, as this enables the contributor to make a more significant investment than might be possible with a single donation.  Your donation can be made using electronic pledge or by utilizing the building fund envelopes in your box.  No matter how large or small your gift will be welcomed.  Please make checks payable to: St. Stanislaus Building Fund.



Site Master Plan

 View from Main Street 

 Interior Perspective


Prayer for St. Stanislaus Church

Lord, your church is built of living stones and You are the living Lord, our cornerstone.  We desire to build a new church in which we intend to celebrate our faith, to receive You in the Eucharist, to experience your grace in the other sacraments, and to embody the gospel values in our relationships with all who enter.

As a community professing the Catholic faith, we pray for your inspiration and blessing upon all of our efforts, so that we may build a worthy place for our families and friends to worship You, today and in future generations for You are Lord forever and ever.  Amen

St. Stanislaus, pray for us.

























701 S Main St; Rossville, KS 66533